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Latest Reviews
Kyndryd 43 minutes ago

Connie Britton - I mis=spelled her last name earlier.

Kyndryd 7 hours ago

Connie Britto leaves NASHVILLE for this? At least the show isnt cwentered in Seattle or Chicago.

fifi949 14 hours ago

I will never understand how people can watch this garbage with women looking like the backside of chimpanzees, botox everywhere

DorianLord 20 hours ago

Kim pulling the typical white woman victim role BS after acting like an entitled bitch all season. She got what she deserved....almost. I wish one of them would have snatched that greasy wig off her head. Sheree can't be trusted so I'm glad she got fired. Honestly they need to start doing a spring cleaning. Start dismissing many of these veterans and put some new blood in there. I'm sick of Kenya, and bored with Cynthia, Kandy, and Nene. They need to add Eva, Marlo, and Shamiya to start. They can start swapping next season.

oldboy3 20 hours ago

Lucifer 3x21

darkharvest 21 hours ago

s3 e21

DorianLord 21 hours ago

so sad this series is ending. I can't imagine how they will end it next episode. This show was the perfect blend of comedy and horror.

Tonia1 a day ago

I uploaded Season 3 - Episode 21 here !!

Tonia1 a day ago

I uploaded Season 2 - Episode 6 here !!

darkharvest a day ago

s2 e6

Tonia1 a day ago

I uploaded Season 2 - Episode 6 here

oldboy3 a day ago

Timeless Season 2 Episode 6

Kyndryd a day ago

Alan Alda drops an F-bomb - LOVE IT.

RadiationBoy a day ago

SebastionSynn, i suggest you back off as you are dealing with someone who could crush us both with one finger. I know her well, and she IS VERY FAIR and as she said will always help people with any of her broken links. Trust me, you don't want to fight this one, its not worth it! Love always Radi xxx

Tonia1 a day ago

@SebastionSynn take my middle finger, put it in you red fucking shitty ass, fuck yourself (propably this is the only way you get fucked), and then go straigth to fucking hell or wherever the fucking indian spirits are. Asshole my links are broken but i fix them all when someone ask me to do that with a kind way, not as a fucking asshole like you. So FUUUUUUUUUCK OFFF!!

SebastionSynn 2 days ago

@ OCD - just go over to the chat bar there >>> and click on page two then scroll down a bit. you'll see my post where i simply pointed out the irony of a person(unnamed) griping about bad links, and doing the same thing they are griping about. then you'll see another post about all the bullshit malware ads this place runs. next up you'll see how someone (again, Im not naming names) decided to insult me straight out of the gate.

ocd 2 days ago

whoops for got to 10 stare ^_^

ocd 2 days ago

damn i wish i could see the comments he replied to !!!!! lol i love it so much. thats how i feel about a fewup loaders^_^ btw none of which are any of the names i posted before just saying . how ever i do find 90% of links out side of my favs are total jokes and iv even tried to help clean them up. thats a no go tho the people who own the site dont care if they are broken or bad links. been send this more then 1k times "make sure to turn off all ad blockers and reload the page before reporting a link"no for real iv checked over probably 4k links total already. did that every time as well btw and they never took the still broken links down :/ so what can you do um nothing sadly >.<. but i love this guys reaction to it all !!!!!

PonderStibbons 2 days ago

Does anyone have links for season 2? These all seem to be broken now.

SebastionSynn 2 days ago

Kiss my red indian ass, you sideways fucking cunt, i didn't insult you, i didn't demean you, and i didn't even call you out. there were no names mentioned in my post. i did give you credit for being a busy person but apparently that wasn't good enough for you, and im sorry that i did the unthinkable and proved that your shit isn't as infallible as you would like everyone to believe. as for my idiot mouth trying to tell a bot to fix their mistakes, i don't need to, would you like to know how many of your own personal links have never worked vs theirs, cause i'll be frank with you, yours are broken a hell of a lot more often than Hashishei's. now take what i just commented, roll it up, stuff it in your high and mighty pipe, and smoke it you fucking twat, im done with you and your pendatic useless fucking drivel.

Artys 2 days ago


Artys 2 days ago

None of the links have English subtitles.

oldboy3 2 days ago

Ransom Season 2 Episode 3

oldboy3 2 days ago

Ransom 2x3

darkharvest 2 days ago

s1 e19

Kyndryd 2 days ago

WHAT THE HELL ??? He was shot on the RIGHT side and his bandages are on the LEFT.

Kyndryd 2 days ago

everyone should do SURGERY without masks

Tonia1 2 days ago

@SebastionSynn you stupid idiot, i am a human and humans made mistakes. You have the mouth to tell me to correct it. Can you do the same to a bot dammass?

SebastionSynn 3 days ago

@ Jeannn - you find a new site thats worth it, let me know. couchtuner no longer works for me and this place needs to change their statement from *first click MAY open an ad* to *first click will ALWAYS open an ad. if it wasn't for running 2 firewalls, 2 different anti virus, and like 5 different adblock extensions, my system would have been overrun a long time ago.

SebastionSynn 3 days ago

i can understand your busy, and i can understand you have a lot on your plate, but you bitch about them posting broken links, posting episodes for one one show in a different show, etc.,etc., and yet under legion you just did the same thing. your link is broken, and your speedvid link leads to lethal weapon.

SebastionSynn 3 days ago

i can understand your busy, and i can understand you have a lot on your plate, but you bitch about them posting broken links, posting episodes for one one show in a different show, etc.,etc., and yet under legion you just did the same thing. your link is broken, and your speedvid link leads to lethal weapon.

Jeannn 3 days ago

T thats 6-19 i need from 6-17 on wards :-0

darkharvest 3 days ago

Jeannn 3 days ago

Me thinks me gunna go back to CouchTuner old but allways worked for me no bother

Tonia1 3 days ago

I'm gonna upload the episodes of season 2 here, so....stay tuned :)

Tonia1 3 days ago

@Jeannn yeah, maybe we all should find another site with serious admins. You welcome :) :*

Jeannn 3 days ago

yes i am looking for a new site as today this one crashed my system with fuckin malware so im here for now till i find another and thank you hunny for all ur HARD WORK xxxx

Tonia1 3 days ago

You see Jeannn? That's what exactly i am talking about those fucking smpam-bot cheaters. My God, this is the 10000000000000000 time they do that. Hashisei and spire. Pfff..

Jeannn 3 days ago

T update please with the right show and no crossdom shit ..ty

Kyndryd 3 days ago

Someone has to pay.... Nominations? Catherine.

Kyndryd 3 days ago

hey, we found this secret area and we're going to i nvestigate AT NIGHT a n d WITHOUT the cops.

Kyndryd 3 days ago

TV LOGIC: a firefighter/EMT does Detective work

Kyndryd 3 days ago

why thank you, I will sit down.


Thanks for the links Tonia1 :}

Jeannn 3 days ago

this site is really pissin me off first some fucker infects me with malware no i cant watch fuck all cuz of crossdomain bulshit WHAT THE FUCK

Jeannn 3 days ago


Kyndryd 3 days ago

by all means please kiss in the middle of an emergency situation in the middle of the road,

Kyndryd 3 days ago

yay the dead don't stay dead - AGAIN (unless you're Uncle Ben)

Jeannn 3 days ago

why do i keep geting hit with crossdomain BS

Jeannn 3 days ago
Rate :
Genres: Reality
Year : 2000
Episode Runtime: 45
First Aired: May 31, 2000
Status : Continuing

Watch Survivor Online

Sixteen or more castaways are split between two or more "Tribes", are taken to a remote isolated location and are forced to live off the land with meager supplies for roughly 39 days. Frequent physical challenges are used to pit the tribes against each other for Rewards, such as food or luxuries, or for "Immunity", forcing the other tribe to attend "Tribal Council", where they must vote off one of their players. Once about half the players are remaining, the tribes are merged into a single tribe, and competitions are on an individual basis; winning Immunity prevents that player from being voted out, while several that are voted out at this stage form the game's "Jury". Once down to two or three people, a Final Tribal Council is held where the remaining players plead their case to the jury members. The jury then votes for which player should be considered the "Sole Survivor" and win the $1 million prize. Survivor has introduced numerous modifications, or "twists", on the core rules in order to keep the players on their toes and to prevent players from relying on strategies that succeeded in prior seasons. These changes have included tribal switches, seasons starting with more than two tribes, the ability to exile a player from a tribe for a short time, Hidden Immunity Idols that players can use to save themselves at Tribal Council and a chance to return to regular gameplay after elimination through "Redemption Island".

  • Episodes
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  • Cast

Survivor Episodes

Episode Name
Air Date
Includes Spoiler!
Jeff Probst as Jeff Probst (Host)
Mike Holloway as Himself
Natalie Anderson as Herself
Jeremy Collins as Himself
Denise Stapley as Herself
Kim Spradlin as Herself
Sophie Clarke as Herself
John Cochran as Himself
Tyson Apostol as Himself
Richard Hatch as Himself
Tina Wesson as Herself
Ethan Zohn as Himself
Vecepia Towery as Herself
Jenna Morasca as Herself
Sandra Diaz-Twine as Herself
Amber Brkich as Herself
Chris Daugherty as Himself
Tom Westman as Himself
Danni Boatwright as Herself
Aras Baskauskas as Himself
Yul Kwon as Himself
Earl Cole as Himself
Todd Herzog as Himself
Natalie White as Herself
Shirin Oskooi as Herself
Joe Anglim as Himself
Kelley Wentworth as Herself
Keith Nale as Himself
Yung "Woo" Hwang as Himself
Spencer Bledsoe as Himself
Latasha "Tasha" Fox as Herself
Ciera Eastin as Herself
Vytas Baskauskas as Himself
Malcolm Freberg as Himself
Abi-Maria Gomes as Herself
Kat Edorsson as Herself
Colton Cumbie as Himself
Monica Culpepper as Herself
Brandon Hantz as Himself
Dawn Meehan as Herself
Phillip Sheppard as Himself
Andrea Boehlke as Herself
Francesca Hogi as Herself
Brenda Lowe as Herself
Russell Hantz as Himself
Monica Padilla as Herself
Laura Morett as Herself
Russell Swan as Himself
Stephen Fishbach as Himself
Corinne Kaplan as Herself
Randy Bailey as Himself
Erik Reichenbach as Himself
Courtney Yates as Herself
Amanda Kimmel as Herself
Peih-Gee Law as Herself
James Clement as Himself
Yau-Man Chan as Himself
Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth as Himself
Jonathan Penner as Himself
Candice Woodcock as Herself
Danielle DiLorenzo as Herself
Terry Deitz as Himself
Cirie Fields as Herself
Stephenie LaGrossa as Herself
Bobby Jon Drinkard as Himself
Eliza Orlins as Herself
Ami Cusack as Herself
Rupert Boneham as Himself
Andrew Savage as Himself
Rob Cesternino as Himself
Shii Ann Huang as Herself
Lex van den Berghe as Himself
Tom Buchanan as Himself
Colby Donaldson as Himself
Jerri Manthey as Herself
Alicia Calaway as Herself
Jeff Varner as Himself
Michael Skupin as Himself
Kimmi Kappenberg as Herself
Kelly Wiglesworth as Herself
Rudy Boesch as Himself
Susan Hawk as Herself
Gervase Peterson as Himself
Jenna Lewis as Herself
Kel Gleason as Himself
Mitchell Olson as Himself
Clay Jordan as Himself
Burton Roberts as Himself
Chad Crittenden as Himself
Ken Stafford as Himself
Stacey Stillman as Herself
Caryn Groedel as Herself
John Carroll as Himself
Coby Archa as Himself
Katie Gallagher as Herself
Clarence Black as Himself
Brian Heidik as Brian Heidik
Daniel Lue as Himself
Rory Freeman as Himself
Christy Smith as Herself
Nicole Delma as Herself
Tai Trang as Tai Trang
Scot Pollard as Scot Pollard
Peter Baggenstos as Peter Baggenstos
Nick Maiorano as Nick Maiorano
Neal Gottlieb as Neal Gottlieb
Michele Fitzgerald as Michele Fitzgerald
Elisabeth Markham as Elisabeth Markham
Kyle Jason as Kyle Jason
Julia Sokolowski as Julia Sokolowski
Joseph del Campo as Joe del Campo
Jennifer Lanzetti as Jennifer Lanzetti
Debbie Wanner as Debbie Wanner
Darnell Hamilton as Darnell Hamilton
Cydney Gillon as Cydney Gillon
Caleb Reynolds as Caleb Reynolds
Aubry Bracco as Aubry Bracco
Anna Khait as Anna Khait
Alecia Holden as Alecia Holden
Will Sims II as Himself
Vince Sly as Himself
Tyler Fredrickson as Himself
So Kim as Herself
Sierra Dawn Thomas as Herself
Rodney Lavoie Jr. as Himself
Nina Poersch as Herself
Max Dawson as Himself
Lindsey Cascaddan as Herself
Kelly Remington as Herself
Jenn Brown as Herself
Hali Ford as Herself
Dan Foley as Himself
Carolyn Rivera as Herself
Wes Nale as Himself
Val Collins as Herself
Reed Kelly as Himself
Nadiya Anderson as Herself
Missy Payne as Herself
Julie McGee as Herself
Josh Canfield as Himself
Jon Misch as Himself
John Rocker as Himself
Jaclyn Schultz as Herself
Drew Christy as Himself
Dale Wentworth as Himself
Baylor Wilson as Herself
Alec Christy as Himself
Jefra Bland as Herself
Jeremiah Wood as Himself
Morgan McLeod as Herself
Sarah Lacina as Herself
Alexis Maxwell as Herself
Lindsey Ogle as Herself
Cliff Robinson as Himself
J'Tia Taylor as Herself
Brice Johnston as Himself
Garrett Adelstein as Himself
David Samson as Himself
Hayden Moss as Himself
Katie Collins as Herself
Caleb Bankston as Himself
Laura Boneham as Herself
John Cody as Himself
Brad Culpepper as Himself
Marissa Peterson as Herself
Rachel Foulger as Herself
Sherri Biethman as Herself
Edward "Eddie" Fox as Himself
Reynold Toepfer as Himself
Michael Snow as Himself
Julia Landauer as Herself
Matt Bischoff as Himself
Laura Alexander as Herself
Shamar Thomas as Himself
Hope Driskill as Herself
Allie Pohevitz as Herself
Lisa Whelchel as Herself
Carter Williams as Himself
Pete Yurkowski as Himself
Artis Silvester as Himself
Jeff Kent as Himself
Katie Hanson as Herself
Sarah Dawson as Herself
Dana Lambert as Herself
Angie Layton as Herself
Roxanne Morris as Herself
Zane Knight as Himself
Sabrina Thompson as Herself
Chelsea Meissner as Herself
Christina Cha as Herself
Alicia Rosa as Herself
Leif Manson as Himself
Jay Byars as Himself
Michael Jefferson as Himself
Jonas Otsuji as Himself
Bill Posley as Himself
Matt Quinlan as Himself
Nina Acosta as Herself
Kourtney Moon as Herself
Albert Destrade as Himself
Rick Nelson as Himself
Edna Ma as Herself
Whitney Duncan as Herself
Keith Tollefson as Himself
Jim Rice as Himself
Mikayla Wingle as Herself
Elyse Umemoto as Herself
Stacey Powell as Herself
Semhar Tadesse as Herself
Natalie Tenerelli as Herself
Ashley Underwood as Herself
Mike Chiesl as Himself
Matthew Elrod as Himself
Grant Mattos as Himself
Ralph Kiser as Himself
Steve Wright as Himself
Julie Wolfe as Herself
David Murphy as Himself
Sarita White as Herself
Stephanie Valencia as Herself
Krista Klumpp as Herself
Kristina Kell as Herself
Chase Rice as Himself
Holly Hoffman as Herself
Dan Lembo as Himself
Jane Bright as Herself
NaOnka Mixon as Herself
Marty Piombo as Himself
Alina Wilson as Herself
Jill Behm as Herself
Yve Rojas as Herself
Kelly Bruno as Herself
Tyrone Davis as Himself
Jimmy Tarantino as Himself
Jimmy Johnson as Himself
Shannon Elkins as Himself
Mick Trimming as Himself
Brett Clouser as Himself
Jaison Robinson as Himself
Dave Ball as Himself
John Fincher as Himself
Kelly Sharbaugh as Herself
Erik Cardona as Himself
Liz Kim as Herself
Ashley Trainer as Herself
Yasmin Giles as Herself
Ben Browning as Himself
Betsy Bolan as Herself
Mike Borassi as Himself
Marisa Calihan as Herself
Erinn Lobdell as Herself
Taj Johnson-George as Herself
Debbie Beebe as Herself
Sierra Reed as Herself
Brendan Synnott as Himself
Joe Dowdle as Himself
Sydney Wheeler as Herself
Spencer Duhm as Himself
Sandy Burgin as Herself
Jerry Sims as Himself
Candace Smith as Herself
Carolina Eastwood as Herself
Susie Smith as Herself
Matty Whitmore as Himself
Ken Hoang as Himself
Crystal Cox as Herself
Charlie Herschel as Himself
Marcus Lehman as Himself
Dan Kay as Himself
Ace Gordon as Himself
Kelly Czarnecki as Herself
Danny "G.C." Brown as Himself
Jacquie Berg as Herself
Gillian Larson as Herself
Michelle Chase as Herself
Natalie Bolton as Herself
Alexis Jones as Herself
Jason Siska as Himself
Tracy Hughes-Wolf as Herself
Kathy Sleckman as Herself
Chet Welch as Himself
Joel Anderson as Himself
Mikey Bortone as Himself
Mary Sartain as Herself
Denise Martin as Herself
Erik Huffman as Himself
Jaime Dugan as Herself
Sherea Lloyd as Herself
Aaron Reisberger as Himself
Dave Cruser as Himself
Leslie Nease as Herself
Ashley Massaro as Herself
Cassandra Franklin as Herself
Stacy Kimball as Herself
Alex Angarita as Himself
Mookie Lee as Himself
Edgardo Rivera as Himself
Michelle Yi as Herself
Lisi Linares as Herself
James "Rocky" Reid as Himself
Anthony Robinson as Himself
Rita Verreos as Herself
Liliana Gomez as Herself
Gary Stritesky as Himself
Sylvia Kwan as Herself
Erica Durousseau as Herself
Jessica deBen as Herself
Becky Lee as Herself
Sundra Oakley as Herself
Adam Gentry as Himself
Nate Gonzalez as Himself
Jenny Guzon-Bae as Herself
Rebecca Borman as Herself
Brad Virata as Himself
Cristina Coria as Herself
Cao Boi Bui as Himself
Stephannie Favor as Herself
Cecilia Mansilla as Herself
Billy Garcia as Himself
Sekou Bunch as Himself
Shane Powers as Himself
Courtney Marit as Herself
Bruce Kanegai as Himself
Sally Schumann as Herself
Austin Carty as Himself
Nick Stanbury as Himself
Dan Barry as Himself
Bobby Mason as Himself
Ruth-Marie Milliman as Herself
Misty Giles as Herself
Melinda Hyder as Herself
Tina Scheer as Herself
Rafe Judkins as Himself
Lydia Morales as Herself
Cindy Hall as Herself
Judd Sergeant as Himself
Gary Hogeboom as Himself
Jamie Newton as Himself
Brandon Bellinger as Himself
Amy O'Hara as Herself
Brian Corridan as Himself
Margaret Bobonich as Herself
Blake Towsley as Himself
Brooke Struck as Herself
Brianna Varela as Herself
Morgan McDevitt as Herself
Jim Lynch as Himself
Ian Rosenberger as Himself
Jenn Lyon as Herself
Gregg Carey as Himself
Janu Tornell as Herself
Ibrehem Rahman as Himself
James Miller as Himself
Angie Jakusz as Herself
Willard Smith as Himself
Kim Mullen as Herself
Jeff Wilson as Himself
Ashlee Ashby as Herself
Jolanda Jones as Herself
Wanda Shirk as Herself
Jonathan Libby as Himself
Twila Tanner as Herself
Scout Cloud Lee as Herself
Julie Berry as Herself
Leann Slaby as Herself
Lea "Sarge" Masters as Himself
John Kenney as Himself
Lisa Keiffer as Herself
Brady Finta as Himself
Mia Galeotalanza as Herself
John Palyok as Himself
Dolly Neely as Herself
Brook Geraghty as Himself
Lillian Morris as Herself
Darrah Johnson as Herself
Christa Hastie as Herself
Tijuana Bradley as Herself
Ryan Opray as Himself
Osten Taylor as Himself
Shawn Cohen as Himself
Trish Dunn as Herself
Michelle Tesauro as Herself
Ryan Shoulders as Himself
Butch Lockley as Himself
Heidi Strobel as Herself
Alex Bell as Himself
Deena Bennett as Herself
Dave Johnson as Himself
Roger Sexton as Himself
Shawna Mitchell as Herself
Jeanne Hebert as Herself
Joanna Ward as Herself
Janet Koth as Herself
Ryan Aiken as Himself
Jan Gentry as Herself
Helen Glover as Herself
Ted Rogers, Jr. as Himself
Jake Billingsley as Himself
Penny Ramsey as Herself
Erin Collins as Herself
Robb Zbacnik as Himself
Stephanie Dill as Herself
Ghandia Johnson as Herself
Jed Hildebrand as Himself
Tanya Vance as Herself
John Raymond as Himself
Neleh Dennis as Herself
Paschal English as Himself
Sean Rector as Himself
Robert DeCanio as Himself
Tammy Leitner as Herself
Zoe Zanidakis as Herself
Rob Mariano as Rob Mariano
Gina Crews as Herself
Gabriel Cade as Himself
Sarah Jones as Herself
Hunter Ellis as Himself
Patricia Jackson as Herself
Peter Harkey as Himself
Kim Johnson as Herself
Teresa Cooper as Herself
Kim Powers as Herself
Frank Garrison as Himself
Brandon Quinton as Himself
Kelly Goldsmith as Herself
Lindsey Richter as Herself
Silas Gaither as Himself
Linda Spencer as Herself
Carl Bilancione as Himself
Jessie Camacho as Herself
Diane Ogden as Herself
Keith Famie as Himself
Elisabeth Filarski as Herself
Rodger Bingham as Himself
Nick Brown as Himself
Debb Eaton as Herself
Sean Kenniff as Himself
Colleen Haskell as Herself
Greg Buis as Himself
Gretchen Cordy as Herself
Joel Klug as Himself
Dirk Been as Himself
Ramona Gray as Herself
Sonja Christopher as Herself
Parvati Shallow as Parvati Shallow
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