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TitleGreat Minds Of The Eastern Intellectual Tradition
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  • 36. East And West.avi (380MB)
  • 11. Zarathustra And Mani—Dualistic Religion.avi (362MB)
  • 06. Confucius—In Praise Of Sage-Kings.avi (354MB)
  • 17. Xuanzang And Chinese Buddhism.avi (353MB)
  • 32. Fukuzawa Yukichi And Han Yongun.avi (352MB)
  • 09. Mencius And Xunzi—Confucius's Successors.avi (351MB)
  • 16. Dong Zhongshu And Ge Hong—Eclecticism.avi (351MB)
  • 10. Sunzi And Han Feizi—Strategy And Legalismlect.10 Sunzi And Han Feizi—Strategy And Legalism.avi (348MB)
  • 20. Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva—Hindu Vedanta.avi (347MB)
  • 27. Wonhyo To King Sejong—Korean Philosophy.avi (345MB)
  • 31. Mohandas Gandhi—Satyagraha, Or Soul-Force.avi (345MB)
  • 35. Modern Legacies.avi (345MB)
  • 25. Dogen And Hakuin—Zen Buddhism.avi (344MB)
  • 04. The Buddha—The Middle Way.avi (344MB)
  • 24. Wang Yangming—The Study Of Heart-Mind.avi (343MB)
  • 14. Nagarjuna And Vasubandhu—Buddhist Theories.avi (342MB)
  • 28. Padmasambhava To Tsongkhapa—Tibetan Ideas.avi (342MB)
  • 34. Sun Yat-Sen And Mao Zedong.avi (340MB)
  • 05. The Bhagavad Gita—The Way Of Action.avi (340MB)
  • 29. Science And Technology In Premodern Asia.avi (339MB)
  • 07. Laozi And Daoism—The Way Of Nature.avi (337MB)
  • 01. Life's Great Questions—Asian Perspectives.avi (336MB)
  • 13. Ishvarakrishna And Patanjali—Yoga.avi (336MB)
  • 15. Sima Qian And Ban Zhao—History And Women.avi (335MB)
  • 21. Al-Biruni—Islam In India.avi (334MB)
  • 02. The Vedas And Upanishads—The Beginning.avi (333MB)
  • 19. Saicho To Nichiren—Japanese Buddhism.avi (333MB)
  • 12. Kautilya And Ashoka—Buddhism And Empire.avi (331MB)
  • 30. Muhammad Iqbal And Rabindranath Tagore.avi (331MB)
  • 22. Nanak And Sirhindi—Sikhism And Sufism.avi (330MB)
  • 23. Han Yu To Zhu Xi—Neo-Confucianism.avi (330MB)
  • 33. Kang Youwei And Hu Shi.avi (330MB)
  • 26. Zeami And Sen No Rikyu—Japanese Aesthetics.avi (330MB)
  • 08. The Hundred Schools Of Preimperial China.avi (330MB)
  • 03. Mahavira And Jainism—Extreme Nonviolence.avi (325MB)
  • 18. Prince Shotoku, Lady Murasaki, Sei Shonagon.avi (318MB)
  • Great Minds Of The Eastern Intellectual Tradition.m3u (4KB)
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