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Found7 months ago
  • I-cant-hear-You_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (65KB)
  • Dont-Stop-Working_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (65KB)
  • Joke-Killed-Me_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (63KB)
  • Who-Cares_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (62KB)
  • Fabulas_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (60KB)
  • Minions_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (54KB)
  • Saw-This-Week_ago_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (52KB)
  • Stop-Repost_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (50KB)
  • Stop-Im_Gonna-Pee_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (49KB)
  • Should-I-Laugh_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (48KB)
  • Oh-Nasty_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (47KB)
  • Going-To-Kill-Myself_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (47KB)
  • Really_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (47KB)
  • Just_Take_It_Easy_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (46KB)
  • I-Get-It_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (45KB)
  • Jackson_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (43KB)
  • Who-Comes-Up-With-This_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (43KB)
  • No-Brain_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (40KB)
  • Sooooo_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (39KB)
  • Love-This-Post_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (39KB)
  • Give-That-Man-A-Medal-Obama_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (38KB)
  • Cool-Story-Bro_Facebooks_photo_comment.jpg (37KB)
  • Shut_Up-Tak-Like_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (36KB)
  • Funny-Gorgot-To-Laugh_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (36KB)
  • RIP-English_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (28KB)
  • Respect-Intelli_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (26KB)
  • Bean-Magic_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (25KB)
  • Explain-This-Shit_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (23KB)
  • Alrighty-Then_Facebook_photo_comment.jpg (18KB)
  • Nobody cares.jpg (15KB)
  • 1375306_677577395588675_1388117512_n.jpg (14KB)
  • 554156_10151861455405782_1007900638_n.jpg (13KB)
  • Level ki bachodi kr di tu nay.jpg (13KB)
  • ab ja k hasi ae.jpg (13KB)
  • No Gus Wants a Girl Who flerts with Every one.jpg (13KB)
  • Isay Boltay Hain Achi Post.jpg (13KB)
  • bht nazuk surat-e-haal hai.jpg (12KB)
  • Kabhi Ao na Peshawar Khusbo Laga k.jpg (12KB)
  • 1384288_458265580958188_183655274_n.jpg (12KB)
  • wat if i told u- u r a chutya.jpg (12KB)
  • Does Bruce Lee have to cut a bitch.jpg (12KB)
  • 1383890_243273479158929_1111906318_n.jpg (12KB)
  • Shup Up and Take My Money.jpg (12KB)
  • Lo Ab Angoor Khao!!!.jpg (11KB)
  • Exactly.jpg (11KB)
  • 1376462_568449656553904_239725529_n.jpg (11KB)
  • 1378102_1397084653857376_912125631_n.jpg (11KB)
  • 1380424_458267927624620_501070731_n.jpg (11KB)
  • 1378266_746266695390650_1969800931_n.jpg (11KB)
  • Ye Cheezzz.jpg (11KB)
  • 1385759_526351544123907_2024010192_n.jpg (11KB)
  • Astegfirullah.jpg (11KB)
  • a.jpg (11KB)
  • Sir i salute you with an awesomeness.jpg (11KB)
  • 1385395_458266490958097_1675150828_n.jpg (11KB)
  • 1374109_458266914291388_1893786441_n.jpg (10KB)
  • Nachoo BC.jpg (10KB)
  • OWNED.jpg (10KB)
  • Beith Jaeye Sab Ko Galiyan Denay Ka Muqa Milay Ga.jpg (10KB)
  • We Salute this chutiyapa.jpg (10KB)
  • Aeihhhhh!!!.jpg (10KB)
  • Tum say nae ho ga chutye.jpg (10KB)
  • Give That Man a Cookie.jpg (10KB)
  • Ajib Chutiya Hai.jpg (9KB)
  • Ajib Chutiya Hai (1).jpg (9KB)
  • wah re harami.jpg (9KB)
  • kia joke mara hai zalim.jpg (9KB)
  • Oo Bistii.jpg (9KB)
  • Shit Nigga 5 Star Post.jpg (9KB)
  • What a great Story Tell me another One.jpg (9KB)
  • MAH NIGGA.jpg (8KB)
  • 1392602_526355117456883_1297532684_n.jpg (8KB)
  • 1382183_526354367456958_1474708947_n.jpg (8KB)
  • 1378313_1397077090524799_1538214302_n.jpg (8KB)
  • 1379851_387781881325564_463593105_n.jpg (8KB)
  • Ye tu main keb say kr raha hoon.jpg (8KB)
  • Fitay Mu!.jpg (7KB)
  • Hasna Tah.jpg (7KB)
  • 922996_1397121873853654_1259355136_a.jpg (7KB)
  • Phr bakwas Post.jpg (7KB)
  • iski baat main dum hai.jpg (7KB)
  • 599364_1397077793858062_84287062_n.jpg (7KB)
  • bht allaaaw.jpg (7KB)
  • Are you a Wizard.jpg (7KB)
  • Bura Hoa bht bora hoa.jpg (7KB)
  • Alrighty Than.jpg (6KB)
  • Ab bhi time hai sudher ja.jpg (6KB)
  • LEE face.jpg (6KB)
  • itna samjhdar keb say ho gaya re tu.jpg (6KB)
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