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  • 27% Drama
  • 12% Science-Fiction
  • 12% Action
  • 8% Adventure
  • 8% Fantasy
  • 6% Horror
  • 26% Others
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Schrunsekris's Reviews
Watch Star Trek: Discovery Online Season 1 Episode 10
lol ... there was sex??
8 days ago
Watch Lucifer Online Season 3 Episode 10
Interesting development :) Can´t wait
a month ago
Watch Lucifer Online Season 3 Episode 8
And here are links mixed episode 8 and episode 9 "the sinnerman"
a month ago
Watch Lucifer Online Season 3 Episode 8
This can´t really be the last episode of the series???? What is going on?
a month ago
Watch DARK Online Season 1 Episode 2
why is it not in german anymore! the dubbing sucks
a month ago
Watch Outlander Online Season 3 Episode 12
I always love the catch up time at the a reader of the books before I don´t care about spoilers , so this talks about the episodes and the following really is fun!!!
a month ago
Watch The Orville Online Season 1 Episode 4
Kyndyd ... if you don´t like the humor stop watching. It is not meant to be a "serious" show. I for example like the humor ... otherwise watch Star Treck Discovery (which I do too) or just rewatch all Star Treck Shows (which I love too). Take a step back and don´t take it so serious... It is also kind of Z-Nation, which needed time to adjust to too :p
4 months ago
Watch Wynonna Earp Online Season 2 Episode 11
Yaaaaiiii! Bobo is back :)
5 months ago
Watch iZombie Online Season 3 Episode 12
That ending was mean....
7 months ago
Watch This Is Us Online Season 1 Episode 16
This episode is one of the saddest episodes ever.... Cried like a baby :(
10 months ago
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